25 FREE Drinks

EVERY BAR PACKAGE includes 25 FREE Specialty Drinks of your choice.

We have a wide variety of Specialty Drinks & Shots to Pump up the Party. From sweet to strong, we’ve got the libation for your situation!

  • ROSE MANGO SANGRIA – Mango Puree infuses this Spanish Wine favorite full of tropical fruit juices, fresh fruit and Brandy
  • WHITE PEACH SANGRIA – A New School take of  White Wine, Brandy and Peach Puree. Stocked with Fresh Fruit & prepared the day before. Absolutely worth the wait!
  • BLUSHING BRIDE – Raspberry Vodka, Orange Liquer & Lemonade. Smooth and Refreshing!
  • WICKED WATERFALL – A Flowing Blue Cocktail that packs a punch of Orange and Pineapple Flavor
  • SUMMER MADNESS – 3 Kinds of Rum, 2 Juices, Grenadine and Loads of Ice. The Kitchen Sink of Drinks
  • MAI TAI – Passion in a Glass. Dark & Light Rum stand TALL in this Tropical Favorite
  • LEMON DROP – A Citrus Martini that exemplifies the Height of Excellence
  • MARGARITA SHAKE UP- Paradise on Ice. Grade-A “on the rocks” Tequila Concoction w/fresh lime juice. Raspberry & Pomegranate Options Available
  • MOSCOW MULE – The Super Powers of Vodka and Ginger Beer make this cocktail the best reason for the end of the Cold War
  • POMEGRANATE MARTINI – The North African Berry invades the Classic Cocktail. Shaken, not stirred
  • RASPBERRY KAMIKAZE – This drink is only HALF-CRAZY. Citrus Vodka and Raspberry Liquer goes down easy. Banzai!
  • MOJITO  (Classic, Mango, Pomegranate & Strawberry Options) – The Jazzed Up Cuban Highball is the Craftiest Cocktail in the Land. Rum and Mint. It’s Heaven Sent